The transport insurance is one of the most important details to take into account when contracting an international transport service for goods

Although it may seem unbelievable that goods during transport are exposed to multiple risks, when an accident occurs and what happened is analysed, unfortunately in most cases, the reality is greater than the fiction. (Thefts, fires, explosions, breakdowns associated with storms, floods and other atmospheric phenomena), which result in enormous damage and management problems for the company. If we also do not have an insurance policy with sufficient guarantees, the result is a high economic cost and in many cases even problems with our customer, for not receiving the goods within the agreed period.

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In The TWI Insurance Agency we handle and transport the goods entrusted to us by our clients, applying the maximum attention, effort and care with the goods in all the processes we carry out, but we always advise a good transport insurance in accordance with the value of the goods and the risk analysis of the whole operation. For this reason, we have a specialist transport insurance advisory team that proposes the best cover for each mode of transport and product. The risk is analysed depending on other factors such as the situation in the country of destination, dates of transport, etc.

The advantages that a Transport Insurance contract with The Insurance Agency offers are:

1.Transports automatically insured only by indicating “all-risk insurance or according to the cover proposed in the offer“ in the transport instructions

2.The best premiums and economic conditions on the market

3.Compensation of up to 110% of the insured value for any loss. (According to contracted coverage)

4.Security and guarantee of contracting with the best insurance companies for solvency and capacity

5.All procedures and issuance of certificates on behalf of The TWI Insurance Agency

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