Decorating a living room is like giving it a quick makeover or a facelift.  Remove the old, bring in the new and give your space a new, fresh look. This job can be pretty daunting when it comes to planning some makeovers.

They should reflect your individuality, your exclusive fashion sense, and style and create a comfortable and luxurious feeling. This task, of course, can become more difficult if you need to do it within a strict budget. Keep this handful of things in mind and avoid deviating from your spending plan or budget.

Canvas / Abstracts / Appliques

Appliques, in suitable patterns and photos, are an effortless way to give your walls a little something. Having part of your walls painted with contemporary designs, or scenery with a glass or mirror on the opposite walls, work rather well in making the walls stand out. Canvas prints from Posterjack can add warmth to monotonous and drab walls, and if you have a large canvas with cozy colors, it’ll instantly change the entire space, making it cheerful and warm.

This is actually the best way to change the overall look of your living room, without making any major changes. Abstract paintings fit really well with minimalist and modern styles of interior decor, while warm canvasses can fit well with a country-style interior decor, particularly if there is a nice fireplace in your family room.

There are many canvas paintings ideas, plus some unconventional paper and metal wall art ideas that you can easily explore online.

Floor Coverings

Perk up the boring look of your floors by replacing it with beautiful rugs. Most of these won’t set you back much, and you’ll have a multitude of choices when it comes to designs and colors.

Choose the ones that match the overall ambiance of the living room. Place rugs of different colors all over your living room to give it new life.


We know that you would have to fork out money to buy new furniture. Therefore, consider buying classic second-hand pieces from yard sales or thrift stores. Don’t purchase heavy sofa sets as they may be costlier and will take up more space. Choose comfortable, yet small chairs that are far less expensive. Paint or polish them and they’ll look brand new.

Wall Decorations

A lovely painting can certainly make your walls more appealing. Try to frame up a collection of beautiful photographs in an eye-catching frame and hang it up. Decorative mirrors with a nice frame may also work as wall adornments.

Plants And Flowers

Indoor plants can certainly make the family room look elegant. It gives you a closer-to-nature kind of feeling. Set a couple of plants in 1 or 2 corners of your living room. The greens of the plants and flowers add a feeling of energy to the environment of your living room and can certainly cover up any small imperfections.