A little extra attention now will help secure your two-wheel pride and joy from would-be thieves. If you feel like your motorcycle is more vulnerable to prying hands than other vehicles, it’s probably because there’s no physical layer over the engine and ignition for would-be thieves to surmount—your precious two-wheeler is just sitting there like an open invitation. Frankly, it’s a lower-risk, higher-reward target than a car. And you northerners, take note: the motorcycle parts market is especially lucrative in colder-weather climates where a shorter riding season feeds the stolen parts trade, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

But there are dozens of ways to lower the odds of your motorcycle being stolen. No single one is completely foolproof, but if you follow these strategies, you stand a better chance of ensuring your ignition key doesn’t get lonely. A little paranoia, it turns out, goes a long way.

We’ve spoken with pros in the security field—the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), lock company reps, and the folks at Cycle Trader—to glean their advice, and if it sounds similar, that’s because much of it is common sense. So take heed the nine tips here will get you started on your resolution of stopping bike thieves cold in their tracks.

Keep it covered.

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” has never been more true. Your bike will be a lot less tempting if criminals can’t see what they might want. Cycle Trader’s people suggest using your garage—if you have one—to stash your bike, and if you don’t, invest in a bike cover. “Storing and covering your bike will not only keep thieves at bay, but it’s a good way to keep your bike in top shape too.”