To advance glaucoma research, Ace Therapeutics, an integrated biotechnology company with a broad research scope and comprehensive services, has announced the unveiling of its gene therapy development services. The company’s innovative gene therapy approach holds promise in providing a new, effective treatment option for individuals suffering from this eye disease that damages the optic nerve.


Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, and currently available treatments only offer temporary relief of symptoms. Studies have found the main risk factor for glaucoma is high IOP, primarily due to RGC injury and death. For this reason, Ace Therapeutics offers glaucoma gene therapy development services, targeting IOP and RGC-associated candidate genes, as well as many other related genes and pathways. By delivering therapeutic nucleic acids directly to the affected cells, the company’s gene therapy has the potential to halt the progression of glaucoma and preserve vision for patients.


Considering the great potential of stem cells as a possible therapy for glaucoma, the expert team at Ace Therapeutics can provide specialized services in glaucoma drug development, offer the opportunity to develop drugs for glaucoma using stem cell technology and stem cell-based therapies to restore vision loss due to glaucoma. In addition, the company also utilizes siRNA-based gene silencing strategies to treat glaucoma, providing researchers with development services to study the composition and mechanisms of siRNA drugs, offering solutions to the fundamental challenges faced during development.


“We are excited to collaborate with worldwide researchers to develop a more effective treatment for glaucoma using our gene therapy expertise and technologies,” said the senior scientist at Ace Therapeutics. “We can provide genomic analysis or directly select appropriate genes from candidate genes that are genetically linked to glaucoma to those involved in the relevant pathway. Also, we can develop gene delivery systems for glaucoma gene therapy to ensure the transfer of nucleic acid drugs to target cells and to advance the translational application of gene therapy.”


About Ace Therapeutics

Ace Therapeutics Glaucoma is an innovative ophthalmic disease research company that offers a wide range of services in basic research, drug development and preclinical studies, delivering innovative and high-quality solutions to global clients. Ace Therapeutics’ mission is to be a leader in the field of glaucoma research, providing unique drug development, and preclinical research solutions to advance researchers’ project development.