With ads, it is easier to make money. Viewers must watch them briefly before being offered the choice to bypass advertising. Therefore, although you believe otherwise, you are making money from YouTube advertisements. Other ways to monetize your YouTube channel include selling things, getting sponsors, and many more.

  • The views game

According to multiple websites, YouTubers can earn between $0.01 and $0.03 per view with AdSense or an average of $0.18. However, YouTube.com’s payment amount varies depending on several factors, such as:

Factors include the number of viewers, ad click-through rate, ad quality, ad blockers, and length of your video. A YouTuber can make approximately $18 for every 1,000 views of ads or $3 to $5 for every 1,000 views of a video, with the typical YouTube pay rate for an ad view being between $0.01 and $0.03. According to Forbes, a talented YouTuber can earn $5 for every 1,000 views of a video.

  • Niche

The industry in which you work affects your income. You’ll earn more money if your expertise is competitive (from the advertiser’s standpoint). A few lucrative specialties are real estate, insurance, finance/investing, and digital marketing.

Most of the time, more views mean more money.

Despite this, YouTube pays a fixed amount per view, and YouTubers don’t make the same amount. Because how many views a YouTuber receives and the country of origin of their viewers determine how much they are paid overall by YouTube.

Since viewers come from various nations and regions, it is impossible to determine the precise amount of pay-per-view. On average, YouTube reportedly pays between $0.003 and $0.005 for every video you watch.

Can you upload videos to YouTube without ads?

An offline magazine and an online publication are identical, save for the fact that websites feature ads while magazines do not. Therefore, you should be aware that you can only partially remove the ads if you plan to publish a website. Fortunately, you can still use several techniques to keep your website uncluttered and encourage visitors to concentrate solely on the articles it contains.

Start by thinking about utilizing browser extensions that block ads. These plugins automatically block multiple domain popups and banners. While some websites block access completely, others offer substitute versions of their content free of extraneous elements. Check the settings first to avoid unintentionally blocking crucial portions of the page. 

Can YouTubers make money without ads?

While it is possible to support yourself solely through subscriptions, it is extremely unlikely that you will ever be financially independent. Until you’ve established a sizable audience that enables you to reinvest your profits into future growth, at least sustainably, you’ll likely need to take advantage of sponsored deals to augment your income occasionally.

There are many methods to use your enthusiasm and expertise to eventually take charge of your finances, though, if you are prepared to dedicate yourself to expanding your channel. These choices include launching your product line, collaborating with others to market theirs, licensing your work, utilizing your intellectual property rights, etc. The most important thing is not to believe that because you opted to rely on ad-driven models, your dream career is lost forever. There are now many chances outside of traditional media sources because of the development of modern technologies. Compared to traditional employment, many paths provide greater rewards, lower risks, more flexibility, and shorter timelines.

What counts as views?

You may have seen videos with tens of thousands or even millions of views. Consider a video that lasts 10 minutes. Does YouTube need to receive a full viewing of the video to count it as a view? No, a 30-second watch time counts as one view on YouTube.

So, now that you know what constitutes a view, you are no longer required to be impressed by channels with millions of viewers.

No Fixed Price

There isn’t a single fixed price for a single view or even a thousand views.

These are a few of the elements that determine your income.


The niche you’re in determines how much money you make. From the advertiser’s perspective, you’ll make more money if your niche is competitive. Real estate, insurance, finance/investing, and digital marketing are high-paying niches.

As an illustration, this is a tech-specific channel. In the last 28 days, it brought in $3.42. That works out to $0.00506 per view. Contrast this with a specialization in cooking. The earnings are $0.91 for almost the same number of views.


The location of your views will also affect how much money you make. For instance, views coming from the USA will be paid more than views coming, say, from Malaysia.

In terms of profits, USA traffic unquestionably matters. Malaysian traffic brings in less money.

Common and Specialised Niches

You’ll need to find a way to rank and get views if you’re in a popular niche with many competing channels. For instance, it is significantly simpler to launch a food channel. This ability would be possessed by at least one member of a household.

Anyone can launch a cooking channel with little effort. With a tech channel, this is different. Starting a channel in a popular specialty would likely draw local viewers, who would only pay a little unless you live in a nation with high wages.

How to Increase Your YouTube Views’ Value

Your chosen specialty will impact your revenues, as seen from the abovementioned instances. To reduce competition, pick a specialty as specialized as feasible.

Second, pick a niche that draws customers from abroad. Tech and gadgets, online businesses, and tutorial videos, in general, are industries that draw visitors from around the world. You must complete your homework to identify an exciting niche you’re enthusiastic about.

The market niche you decide on will affect your earnings. Select a specialty that is as narrowly focused as possible to lessen competition. In the second phase, pick a market that attracts buyers from abroad. Visitors come from around the world to websites in the genres of technology and gadgets, making money online, and accessible educational videos (tutorials). Research would be required to select a prosperous industry you are interested in.


You should now know how much YouTubers make per view without ads. According to several websites, YouTubers can make between $0.01 and $0.03 for every view, or an average of $0.18, with AdSense.